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Biewer Yorkies

DESCRIPTION: The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier is that of a long-haired toy Terrier whose
hair hangs evenly and quite straight down the side of the body, and from the base of the
skull to the end of the tail.  The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier should be very compact and
neat. The Biewers long tail should be carried up. The outlines should give the
impression of the powerful and well proportioned body. The Biewers hair on the body
has a length 3/4 down the sides of the dog, or long enough to reach the ground, and is
absolutely straight (not wholly), shiny like silk and of fine silky texture, without an
undercoat. Coloring of the coat of the trunk and the head piece are as follows; rather
white or blue-white broken or closely blue absolutely, or black, without brown coloring.
Hair on the breast, pure white on the belly, and the legs. The Biewers head has white,
blue, gold, symmetrical colored.

TEMPERAMENT: The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier seems oblivious of its small size. It is
very eager for adventure. This little dog is highly energetic, brave and clever. Biewer
Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom pon are intelligent, loyal and very devoted to their family.
Biewers are fun-loving, making them a great companion for all ages. They are
affectinate with their masters, but they can be hard to house break if their owner lacks
leadership. Biewer Yorkies are good watch-dogs and are good with well mannered

HEIGHT and WEIGHT: Up to 8.5 in and 7 lbs.


GROOMING: The Biewer Yorkies hair is fairly easy to groom if you comb it out once a
week. Their coats are non-shedding.

ORIGIN:   The Biewer Yorkie originated in Germany in 1984 and was a piebald genetic
recessive gene occurrence exhibiting a specific banded/stripped offspring produced by
Gertrud and Werner Biewer's Yorkshire Terriers.   The sire and dame of the first
recognized Biewer Yorkie were "Darling of Friedheck" and "Frufru of Friedheck".  The
Biewer's saw this little dog with it's white markings as extraordinarily attractive and
began the selective breeding process to produce more.  The Biewer's named these little
dogs with their white markings "Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon".   Thus the beginning of
the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier as we know them today.

The first German Biewer Yorkshire Terrier club was established on May 24, 2003. The
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier was recognized as a breed unto itself  long before this date
though when the general public recognized it unofficially as a breed. The Biewer
Yorkshire Terrier is bred, registered and shown in other countries and is on the top of
the popularity list for the United States.  Few registries in the United States as this date
have acknowledge the Biewer Yorkshire as a breed.  The American Canine Registry is
one of the few and the first United States known registry that does recognize the Biewer
as a breed and is helping to promote the breed in the United States and throughout the
world by the breed name of "Biewer Yorkie".  The American Canine Registry formed the
Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Association on May 15, 2003 preparing to set in place breed
standards and other club necessities and applied for recognition in 2004 to be the
Biewer Breed Club for ACR.

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier was originally a piebald genetic recessive gene occurance
from 2 Yorkshire Terriers but unscrupulous breeders have tried to match the looks of
the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier and the Shih-Tzu.  The
crossing will produce the parti/piebald/banded/stripped white markings from the
Shih-Tzu influence after the second generation but these crossbred dogs would take
generations before they would produce the hair coat and the  facial features seen in the
Biewer Yorkshire.  If the dog being presented to you as a Biewer Yorkshire has wavy
and/or course hair, or the facial features or body style of the Shih-Tzu then it's highly
unlikely that it is a TRUE purebred Biewer Yorkshire Terrier.

The AKC registers what is a close anomaly to the Biewer as Tri-color Yorkshire Terriers
but the markings of the Tri-color are not as  distinctive in pattern as the Biewer Yorkie
bloodlines from Germany.  AKC however does not allow the showing of the Tri-color
Yorkies and AKC's Yorkshire Terrier breed club's standards shows it as a
disqualification and the clubs policies consider it unethical to reproduce the

The Biewer Yorkie Association is the first and only known United States Biewer
Yorkshire Terrier Club that formed in order to promote, educate, document, register and
propagate the Stripped/Banded patterned Yorkie in the United States by starting a
foundation registry by which verifiable, pedigreed & purebred Yorkshire Terriers, Biewer
Yorkshire Terrier and Tri-Color Yorkshires may be bred together to produce the
Stripped/Banded Patterned Yorkies through F1-
F2 crosses and their linage documented
for the purpose of receiving full recognition through ACR. It should be noted that the
Scottish Terrier, the Skye Terrier, the Dandie Dinmont, the Cairn Terrier, and the West
Highland White Terrier are all kissing cousins.  All of these breeds share the same
beginnings. It should also be noted that as of to date all of the
Piebald/Stripped/Spotted/Banded bloodlines have been traced back to one kennel in
England including those of  Biewer German lineage.

Reputable Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom pon breeders generally will not let their new
puppies go to their new homes until at least 10-12 weeks of age due to hypoglycemia
problems (low sugar). Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breeders should always give a "care of
the puppy" info sheet to new owners explaining how to take care of the puppies. Biewer
Yorkshire Terrier breeders will also be willing to assist you in case anything does arise.
Also due to the large amount of scammers on the internet, you should always ask for at
least 4-5 references and the breeder's veterinarian to check them out to see if they are
legitimate. Ask them to send additional pictures of the specific Biewer puppy so you
know that they have the pup in their possession.  Be careful and do your homework
before choosing the right Biewer Yorkshire Terrier breeder.
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